Nigar Khan

Date of Birth : NA
Height : NA

Mini Biography :
Negar has been a model on international ramps and has also traveled to Norway in the course of her assignments. In India we have seen her in the ‘Chadti Jawani’ remix video and eye-popping item numbers in movies Rudraksh and Shaadi Ka Laddoo. Bollywood’s latest item number girl Negar Khan was in the controversy for posing topless for a Norwegian magazine.
Negar Khan has again gyrated her half-nude body to controversy by starring in a music video. The music video by Arvinder Singh ‘Sharaab Jo Na Piye’ shows Negar in hot leather pants gyrating in a witness box, holding a glass of whisky.

Negar plays a policewoman in the video complaining against her boyfriend who doesn’t drink and Arvinder Singh, his lawyer who pleads, ‘Khaas kanoon se yeh rasm bana di jaaye, jo na piye usko saza di jaaye’. The song ends with all present in the courtroom breaking into a dancing jibe. The song also shows the Judge dancing with a glass of whisky in his hand. The lawyers’ fraternity seems to have taken an offence for the song and over a petition filed by an advocate and a DU Law student, Delhi High Court has banned the music video.

Filmography :

  1. Vita Smeralda (2006)
  2. Hello? Kaun Hai! (2006)
  3. Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story (2005)
  4. Double Cross: Ek Dhoka (2005)
  5. Shaadi Ka Laddoo (2004)

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