Hyder Bilgrami

Date of Birth : NA
Birthname : NA

Mini Biography :
Raised in a family whose prominent interests included acting, directing, art direction, and writing plays, it was a matter of

time before Hyder started directing and producing plays in Hyderabad, India. He was taken under the wings by the likes of

eminent Bengali playwright Padma Vibhushan Badal Sarcar and Khader Ali Baig and has earned the respect of renowned directors

and production houses including Raj Tilak and national award winner Naga Bharna. Hyder Bilgrami has been involved in the

Bollywood movie industry since 1987. Bilgrami earned his degree in Commerce from Osmania University.

Filmography :

As Director :

  1. Bandhak (2004)

As writer :

  1. Bandhak (2004)

As Editor :

  1. Bandhak (2004)

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  1. This name is not really very common so it was a surprise to see the name combination similar to mine.
    Basically I am a Rizvi but from family side a bilgrami.
    nice to have met u take care good luck Hyder Bilgrami…
    From Haider Bilgrami

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