Mano Murthy

Mano Murthy, a very rare personality is an NRI who has special taste for composing good music for albums and films in Indian and Western genres. The ‘car car’ song of Nanna Preethiya Hudugi earned him good recognition and drove youngsters crazy. Though he hasn’t scored for too many films, he has surely set himself on par with talented music directors. Being an IT professional, he is making the best of his limited opportunities as a musician and dishing out a variety of tunes with each new film of his. Staying in the United States of America for almost 28 years, Mano Murthy was one of the producers of this year’s National Award winner -Preethi Prema Pranaya. ‘Joke Falls’ is his latest music venture that has five songs composed by him. This down-to-earth person spent some time exclusively with in spite of his busy schedules. Excerpts:

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