Sachin Dev Burman

Sachin Dev Burman (Bengali: (October 1, 1906 – October 31, 1975) (aka Burman da, also credited as Kumar Sachindra Dev Barman or S. D. Burman) was one of the most famous Bollywood music composers and an all-time great Bengali singer and composer. His son Rahul Dev Burman also achieved great success as a Bollywood music director in his own right.
S D Burman was born in Comilla, then located in the short-lived British Indian province of Eastern Bengal and Assam and now situated in Bangladesh. He was a grandson through his father of Ishanachandra Dev Burman, Raja of Tripura (r. 1830-1849)[1], and began his training in classical music under his father, sitarist and Dhrupad singer Nabadwipchandra Dev Burman. He later continued his training first under K. C. Dey,and then Bhismadev Chattopadhaya and Badal Khan. He also acknowledges Ustad Allauddin Khan as one of his gurus. His early work for radio was based on East Bengali and Tripuri folk-music. In the early 1930s he made a reputation for himself as a singer of folk and light classical music. (Consequently his film compositions were often influenced by his huge repertory of folk-tunes from the Bengali, Bhatiali, Sari and Dhamail traditions of Tripura Kingdom). In 1937, he fell in love with a music student named Meera when he met her at the All India Music Conference.[1] They married that year, and their only child Rahul Dev Burman was born in 1939. Both Meera and Rahul assisted S.D. with some of the musical compositions.

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