Sapan Chakraborty

Sapan Chakraborty also variously cited as Swapan Chakraborty, Sapan Chakravorty, Sapan Chakravarty (Bengali: ) or simply Sapan is a Bengali Indian music composer who composed music for Bollywood Hindi and Bengali films. He was also a music assistant of Rahul Dev Burman and an occasional playback singer. He also penned a number of lyrics for songs in Burman’s Bengali film and Durga Puja special albums, along with those in films for which he was the composer. In terms of compositional style, the ecletic influences of his guru Rahul Dev Burman are present in his creations. Sapan Chakraborty is not to be confused with Sapan Dasgupta of the Sapan-Jagmohan composer duo.

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