Babbu Mann

Date of Birth : NA
Birthname : Tejinder Singh Mann
Mini Biography :

Babbu Mann is a well-established Indian Punjabi pop singer, actor, lyricist, composer and playback singer. babbu mann who original name is Tejinder Singh Mann is an alumnus of Punjab University, Chandigarh. His first album was Sajjan Rumaal De Giya in 1998 which was flop . His second album was Tu Meri Miss India in 1999 which was a moderate hit. His third album Saaun Di Jhadi released in 2001 was his first highly successful album. It sold over ten million copies in India alone and many more overseas. Saun Di Jhadi was followed by the also highly successful album, Ohi Chann Ohi Rataan. This album also fared well, both in terms of critics and sales. His next album Pyass Was also a great hit and the album was also awarded as “Best Album Of Year”. His sixth album was Mera Gham which was a highly successful Hindi album.

He is one of the Very few Punjabi singers who sings their own lyrics in their own music.

Babbu Mann’s second album was “Tu Meri Miss India”, Which was a great success. Since then Babbu Mann has been releasing great albums, One of his best albums is “Saun Di Jhadi”, It was hugely played in India. Another album released by Babbu Mann is “Hawayein” and “Ohi Chann Ohi Rataan”. His latest offerring is “Pyass”.

Filmography :

As Music Dipartment :

  1. Sajjan Rumaal De Giya : Punjabi
  2. Tu Meri Miss India : Punjabi
  3. Saaun Di Jhadi : Punjabi
  4. Ohhi Chann Ohhi Rataan : Punjabi
  5. Pyass : Punjabi
  6. Mera Gham : Hindi
  7. Satti : Punjabi

As Music Composer :

  1. Hawayein (2003)

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