Rupesh Rawal


Rupesh Rawal born in India, he grew up in Nairobi, Kenya. Brought up from an early age in a musical atmosphere.

Rupesh Rawal started performing on stage at the age of twelve and hasn’t looked back since. By age sixteen, he already had hundreds of live stage shows.

Rupesh Rawal is a talented singer, entertainer, and composer.Trained and well versed in both Indian classical and western music.

Rupesh Rawal’s melodies and compositions explore and deliver a truly unique mix of both eastern and western music styles.

he had also achieved his personal goal of composing and writing his very first all-original album in Hindi Rupesh is a versatile musician and artist with a unique gift of talent that only few possess’

He has received several awards in the recent past including the honor of being awared the title of cultural ambassador by his excellency Daniel T. Arap Moi, president of the republic of Kenya.

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